psychologist specializing in neuropsychology


Dr. Aberasturi specializes in neuropsychology. Her practice includes both children and adults. Her clients typically include people with learning disabilities, severe behavioral issues, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, tumors, and other neurological diseases. The neuropsychological evaluation focuses upon the client’s neurological strengths and weaknesses and gives specific recommendations to help overcome or rehabilitate these issues. These recommendations specifically address the clients reported problems, daily living skills, behavioral problems, and educational issues. She is a licensed school psychologist and has extensive experience in various school districts. Dr. Aberasturi’s practice also includes traditional therapy for all age groups.

Dr. Suzanne Aberasturi, PhD.


To make an appointment please leave a message at (775) 200-1232.


  • • Hometown Health (HHP)
  • • State of Nevada (PEBP)
  • • Tricare - Optum Military & Veterans
  • • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • • Saint Mary’s
  • • CDS Group Health
  • • Universal Health Network • Medicare • Medicaid (limited)


Phone & fax: (775)-200-1232



2450 Vassar St. Suite 3A

Reno, NV 89502

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